Earl J. Moniz
  Retired Military / Starting another Government Adventure

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Earl was born in 1948 to Edward and Marie (Han) Moniz in Paia, Maui, Territory of Hawaii, USA.

He had two half-brothers Eric and Elliot (43); and a half-sister Elise through his step-mother, Evelyn (Soon) Moniz.

Drama 4, FFA 2-4 Sec., Bear's Lair Comm. 4, CPO 4
Drama 4, FFA 2-4 Sec., Bear's Lair Comm. 4, CPO 4


1954-1962:  Earl attended a number of elementary schools on Oahu and Maui.

On Maui, he attended Kaunoa School, a private school in Sprecklesville, and Kahului School, both the old and new campus.

1962-1966:  Attended and graduated Henry Perrine Baldwin High School on Maui, Hawaii. Pursued a college preparatory curriculum.





1990-1994:  Earl attended Fayetteville State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in middle school education with a major in Language Arts and a minor in Social Studies.

He earned inclusion on The National Dean’s List for 1990-1991 and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges (1994).


1995-1998: Earl graduated from North Carolina Central University (May 1998) with a Master in Library Science (MLS) degree.


1966-1968:  Earl was employed as unskilled labor at Varian Associates in Palo Alto, California. He worked his way to a skilled position as a vertical, single-spindle, numerical-controlled machine operator (a type of machinist whose machine is controlled by punched paper tape).

Army diver since 1969
Army diver since 1969
1968–1990:   Earl served in the United States Army as a radio operator, radio teletype operator, man-portable tactical satellite radio operator, and tactical communications supervisor. He was stationed on Okinawa for three tours ranging from 1970 to 1987. He was an instructor of high-frequency radio principles and fundamentals as well as tactical radio station operations to members of the United States armed forces (Army, Navy, and Marines) and the members of military forces of several foreign nations (South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines). He had three separate classified assignments as a radio operator. Earl was an Army diver since 1969 with a variety of missions and training assignments - including entering (lock-in) and exiting (lock-out) a nuclear submarine (USS Greenling - which was stationed at New London at the time) while underway at night.


1990–1994:  Earl was a part-time mechanic at AMF (American Moulding Foundry) bowling center in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He attended the AMF mechanics school in Mechanicsville, Virginia and eventually became counter help responsible for cashier and opening/closing responsibilities.


1994–1996:  Earl was a classroom teacher at sixth grade level of Social Studies and Language Arts as a member of a two person team. He was also classroom teacher of eighth grade level North Carolina History as a member of a four person team.

1996–1998:  Earl was the school library coordinator for a small elementary school of fourth and fifth grade children in Lillington, North Carolina. Automated the collection with Follett library automation system and instructed the students in effective library skills and efficient information gathering techniques. He was awarded Teacher of the Year honors for 1997-1998.
Photography skills and knowledge from the early days
Photography skills and knowledge from the early days


Earl originally started with photography in his early military career. Then he got into woodworking a few years later.

Beginning about 2001, he got into Video.

Now, Earl has combined his photography skills and knowledge from the early days and video and is an entrepreneur.


Editor's Note:
From here on, Earl tells his story .....unedited!

Miko, 'Wonderful lady from Okinawa'
Miko, "Wonderful lady from Okinawa"


I married a wonderful young lady from Okinawa in 1972 who survived every adventure and misadventure I pursued.

Sumiko Shinzato gave us two wonderful children (Joe and Leesa) and raising them in a most excellent fashion.

Joe currently lives in New York City in the employ of a major international finance software company as their email network administrator.

Leesa currently resides with us with her daughter (Maleesa) until her move to Raleigh to join the teaching staff at

They were both born on Okinawa 15 years apart (grin)

Grandma plans to visit Raleigh three or four days a week to keep an eye on Maleesa as Leesa settles her work schedule and routine.
'...spam musubi with heavy mayo has finally taken it's toll:'
"...spam musubi with heavy mayo has finally taken it's toll:"
I've been blessed with a healthy body over the years. I guess perhaps now all that spam musubi with heavy mayo has finally taken its toll; Tuesday, I have to pay that toll.

I'm going in for bypass surgery on 25 MAY 2010 here in Fayetteville, NC at the Cape Fear Regional Hospital... they are a good team of doctors and have been successful here in their work.

So, the diet is set for a drastic change; I’ll have a month or two to establish good, sound exercise habits; and I’ll have to ease up a bit at work … perhaps consider a bit less stressful employment (or perhaps early retirement) … hmmmmm.

Keep me in your prayers; send me a bit of good karma; wish me well … whichever you prefer.

I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks…

I didn’t plan it that way … it’s just where my genetics, my diet, and my lifestyle have delivered me. . .

My turn to stay at home.
My turn to stay at home.
It appears it's my turn to stay home while Miko goes off on a few adventures of her own... (grin)

"Just an old Maui boy with a poor sense of direction,
working his way home one state at a time;
currently working in the State of Confusion!"

 Until that time,
Earl Jules Moniz